Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing 


The Marie Trust Health and Wellbeing Service provides a wide range of therapeutic support on a one to one and group basis. Activities include walking groups, mindfulness, art, and cycling.

Our team help Marie Trust visitors feel more liberated by accompanying them to classes in the community and offering support to participate in activities. Our team provides this support until they feel comfortable to do this independently.  We see Health Intervention as being integral in supporting people who experience barriers in accessing health care through NHS and GP referrals.

Social prescribing

The Social Prescribing Model - a holistic approach to enabling people to improve their health and wellbeing - connects individuals with vital support in their community. This service is particularly useful for those struggling with resettlement in a new or existing accommodation.


The Pharmacy Service offered by The Marie Trust is a prescribing service which provides the following:

  • Health checks
  • Direct referrals into health services for addiction and mental health assessments
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Fast-tracked medical assistance into hospital
  • Follow up after hospital discharge to ensure on-going medical treatment in the community.

Links with local resources

We know that there are amazing community services out there, but for people who lack of confidence and have multiple complex needs, there are multiple barriers which block them from engaging with these services.  Just walking through the door can be a challenge.

Our Social Prescribing Workers help individuals in the community with important activities such as registrations with GP and dental practices. 

The aim is to help people reconnect with their community and begin to use the resources which are in their locality, reducing isolation and improved mental health.  



Case Study

Read about how The Marie Trust helped Ally cope with an extremely difficult time in her life.